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information about us as company and work


With our specially equipped trucks, we offer a broad and good service to construction companies, demolition companies, construction companies, maintenance companies, industries, insurance companies, property management and remediation companies.

We perform work on attics, roofs, basements and places with cramped spaces, etc.

We move the material via hose to the truck and from the truck to the designated place such as: rooftops, a courtyard, house drainage, a crawl space or places where e.g. excavators for space reasons are not accessible.

Truck driving is a small part of the job, you work outside the truck with the vacum pump.

This is how the work looks and works like, look at this youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PcWI7cD5M0

C Truck Driver (vaccum truck)

Location: Szwecja, Södertälje


Job description

  • We are now looking for strong truck drivers with c driving license.
  • You have C truck license and digital tachograph card (driver card) and code 95.


  • You must be physically and mentally strong and be able to work now in the summer half year from 12 to 17 hours a day.
  • Team player is very important
  • Always ask the customers if they are satisfied with the work you have done.
  • Always help your working buddy.
  • Doesn’t smoke middle in the job, only on breaktime.
  • It is good if you can speak English and understand English language (if not we most have a working buddy that understand your language and can speak and understand English.)

We offer


  • You live in the company in a room of 9 square meters, you have access to TV room, laundry room, shower, kitchen. (This cost 300 euro a month) it’s a low cost so you save money).
  • In 2022/2023 we gonna have a brand new House with 5-6 bedrooms and a brand new smaller house with 2 rooms. Where it will excist internet, pool, sauna and spa jacuzzi bath. (it will cost 400 Euro a month for each room.) it’s a low cost for brand new houses).
  • You can use our cars privately to go for food store or medical needs and we also have internet in the rooms.

Salary and payment day

  • The salary is 19 euros per hour Netto +1 euro extra at Night shifts. (All the workers we have now really like this because its really good money every month because of lots of hours. You can call them yourself and see what they say and think about the work and payments).

Vacation and break from work

  • Before any vacation or plans to go home You must give us time to have someone to cover you up.
  • And also we need both approval from our customer so they don’t lose money or get in trouble.

What we offer you!

  • We help you fix all your working clothes,educations, work permits.
  • We want to have long relationship of work together with our employees.
  • We are growing every year more and more so it’s a stable company with good Economy no worries of getting paid or have work its all up to you!
  • Always a great salary and the end of the month.

Search work today if you are

  • Teamplayer.
  • Hard tough worker.
  • Not afraid to get dirty or afraid of working long hours.
  • Want a great salary.
Please add the following clause: I agree to the processing of my personal data for the needs necessary in the recruitment process.
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